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Edit User Profile

The Edit User Profile page allows the user or the Here We Stand Director to enter or make modifications to the user’s profile.


This includes changing the user’s primary email address (username) and interests. Only Directors can modify users’ Here We Stand Role.

Can't change a user's Spark Online Role? If a user hasn't set up a security question and answer on their profile, you can't change their permission level. we recommend Directors who encounter this situation to enter a security question and answer that the user will be able to answer, and then send the user a follow-up email.

Two important things to remember when creating a new User profile:
  1. User Profiles are intended for adults. Children should be entered into Spark as Family Members under their parent's Profile. This allows parents to receive emails about their children's Spark lessons, and keeps your church in compliance with federal children's online privacy laws (COPPA).
  2. User Profiles are shared between your church's Spark Online and Here We Stand Confirmation Online subscriptions. If you church subscribes to both, please be aware that changes to any Profile or Family Member data will appear in both applications. This allows you to more easily keep this data up to date in both subscriptions.

How to add (register) a child as a Family Member on their parent's Profile: Navigate to the Admin area of the site. Then choose Manage All Users.

Click on this to bring up a list of all existing Users on your account.

Scroll over the name of the User who you would like to add a Family Member to. Icons will appear to the right of the name. Click on the second icon from the left, which looks like a person. This will allow you to "View the user's profile" and you will be taken to the View Profile page for that user.

On the View Profile page there is an area titled "Family Members." this is where your users can add students, as Family Members, to their Profile and edit existing Family Members. Directors can also add Family Members in this area if they are the User. Click on the orange link that says "Add Family Member."

You will then be asked to fill out information about the student. Required information has an asterisk next to it, but a majority of the information is not required. Once you have filled out the information about the family member, click the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the form.

The Family Member has now been added to the parent's Profile. You can add the added Family Member to Groups and the parent can register their added Family Member to Events.  

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