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Clicking on the Events main navigation tab will take users to a list of events. 

The Event List and Site Access Roles

The event list view differs based on the user’s site access role. Directors see all events, including those saved as drafts and those published to the calendar. Leaders and Parents only see events published to the calendar by the Director.

Filtering the Event List

The list of events can be filtered in three ways.


  • First, by clicking on the calendar the list will filter by month, so that only the events that occur during the month displayed by the calendar appear in the list. 
  • Second, two drop-down options allow Directors to filter by Event status (All Events, One-time, or Recurring), and by model (Large Group/Small Group, Single Group, Custom, All Models).
  • Finally, the search field in the upper right hand corner of the page allows users to search basic event information, such as titles, descriptions, and dates.

Action Icons

When you scroll over events in the list, Action Icons will appear that allow you to interact with the event. Which Action Icons appear depends on your site access level.


Viewing Event Details

To see more information about an event or to register for an event, click on the event of interest in the list.

Copying an Event or Event Series

Only Directors have permissions to copy an event or event series. When you choose to copy an existing event, you will be asked what details of the event you would like to copy: content and/or people and groups.

Copying an event is a quick way for Directors to cut down on event preparation time.


  1. Two Year Scope and Sequence: Are you beginning your third year of Here We Stand 2.0 Confirmation?  Copy the content of your recurring event from two years ago to take care of all your curriculum planning in just two clicks.
  2. Special Events: Taking students on an end-of-year retreat? Simply copy all the people from your weekly recurring event into a new one-time event for the day of the retreat. Publish the new event to the calendar and the event will show up on all of your Parents’ home pages.

Create an Event and Create a Recurring Event

Here We Stand allows Directors to create two different kinds of events: One-Time Events and Recurring Events.


One-Time Events are for activities at your church that are out of the norm, or happen every once in a while.
Example of a One Time Event:
Here We Stand Small Group Leader Training: Wednesday, August 25, 6:00-8:00pm

Recurring Events are for activities that take place regularly.
Example of a Recurring Event:
Here We Stand Confirmation: Wednesdays, September 8-November 17, 6:00pm

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