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HWS Church Sign-in Page

 What is the Here We Stand Church Sign-in Page?
All churches who subscribe to Here We Stand get their own Sign-in Page. The church Sign-in Page allows individuals involved with the church’s Here We Stand program to request access to the site or sign into the church’s account.


When was my church's Sign-in page created?
Your church's sign-in page was created when your church first subscribed to Here We Stand. At the time of purchase, the person who signed-up selected your church's custom Here We Stand URL (web address). Directors--to view the URL for your church's Sign-in page, or to see who purchased  your subscription, go to the Admin area and view the Account Information page.

What happens when someone requests access through my church's Sign-in page?
When individuals request access to the church’s subscription, the church’s Here We Stand Director must approve the person’s request before s/he is allowed into the site.

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